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CARTON - Supra Bins Welcome to Rackmart
  • Supra Bin Carton
  • Supra Bin Carton
  • Supra Bin Carton SB1
  • Supra Bin Carton SB2
  • Supra Bin Carton SB3
  • Supra Bin Carton SB4
  • Supra Bin Carton SB5
  • Supra Bin Carton SB6
  • Supra Bin Carton SB7

Ideal for the storage of Small Parts Plastic Bins (Supra Bins) are lightweight, strong, hygienic and durable allowing easy picking with clear visual stock control.

Quantity per Carton

  • SB1 - 60
  • SB2 - 60
  • SB3 - 50
  • SB4 -10
  • SB5 - 5
  • SB6 -10
  • SB7 - 6  


  • SB1 - 125mm L x 100mm W x 60mm H
  • SB2 - 170mm L x 100mm W x 85mm H
  • SB3 - 220mm L x 130mm W x 125mm H
  • SB4 - 290mm L x 178mm W x 143mm H
  • SB5 - 290mm L x 363mm W x 145mm H
  • SB6 - 440mm L x 180mm W x 145mm H
  • SB7 - 435mm L x 400mm W x 215mm H


  • Blue 
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green

Features and Benefits

  • Integrates with various pallet racking, Longspan racking steel shelving systems.
  • Produced from tough and durable polypropylene which resists solvents & oils
  • Dividers available for SB4, SB5, SB6 and SB7 bins

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