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If you need a storage solution that is as functional as it is secure, our STEELCO metal lockers offer all this and more. With our wide selection of lockers in Perth, you can be sure to find storage that suits your change room, school, archive, or office.

Built to ensure maximum security, our range of lockers feature reinforced doors, two locking options, as well as a high-quality powder coat finish to resist wear and tear such as scratches or colour fading.

Our range of lockers also boast great functionality such as flush mounted doors that can open up to 180 degrees. Not only that but our lockers are all freestanding letting you place them wherever you need them. Our metal lockers can come with a single door, or as many as twelve. All come with a 10-year warranty.

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Lockers Perth

RACKMART also offers an extremely durable heavy plastic locker that we are so confident in that it comes with a 20-year warranty. Water resistant, easy to clean, and vandal proof, these plastic lockers are built to survive any and all types of use. These lockers will easily find a home in settings such as schools or fitness centres.

We also offer lockers specialty built for the school setting. These are heavy duty and constructed with double thick doors and ventilation plates on the top and bottom of each door. They're finished with a quality powder finish and have the ability to be joined into banks of two or three, these lockers are as sturdy (if not sturdier) than the rest.

Why Rackmart

At Rackmart we take pride in offering great quality at the lowest prices. Our online store takes the hard work out of buying office and storage equipment, offering you the freedom to fit-out an entire office in just a few clicks...

Here at Rackmart we are passionate about what we do and only sell quality products to suit any house, office, warehouse or shed.

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