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Our high-quality, stackable storage cages are the ideal solution for storing warehouse items and products that need to be stored together and accessed easily.

The Post Pallet Cage is perfect to use when you need to store long bulky items such as pipes and poles. The upright posts ensure safe storage and allow for access to individual items in the cage.

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If you are looking for a mesh cage that is ideal for transporting and stacking, then the Pallet Cage is the ideal choice. Each cage is built from strong tubular steel and can be stacked four cages high. Each cage clips straight onto a standard Australian pallet and can accommodate 1000kg of goods.

While if you need to store multiple warehouse items together, then don’t go further than the Mesh Stillage Cages at RACKMART. Each cage can hold up to 600kg and are easily stacked thanks to its cup feet. What’s more, the contents can be easily accessed through a drop front panel.

On the search for high-quality, sturdy cages? Look no further than RACKMART.

Why Rackmart

At Rackmart we take pride in offering great quality at the lowest prices. Our online store takes the hard work out of buying office and storage equipment, offering you the freedom to fit-out an entire office in just a few clicks...

Here at Rackmart we are passionate about what we do and only sell quality products to suit any house, office, warehouse or shed.

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